... Rescue/Save Elephants to The Elephant Santuary ...

... Right Treats with No Riding No Show ...

... Good living Condition of Elephant ...

... Local participation ...




ElephantDreamValley Santuary...co-operate by
Patio Thai Tour Chiang Mai and a family
of Karen tribe who own the elephants in this Ethical Santuary.

Our location is 65 km. southwest of Chiang Mai at Maewang... a village of our Base Camp...with nice view, cozy and privacy


Karen expert in trainning elephant since the old day, some of then use to be elephant keeper of
Chiang Mai's King, they search and trains
the elephant for King's misson. There are about 400,000 of Karen live in Thailand. The Mojority are hightland farming, with simply lifestyle,
calm and courteous.


In the past we use elephant in Agriculture's work and Logging Business mostly...25 years ago Tourism coming in to Thailand and get involve with our Elephant since that time. At first, riding Elephant and training Elephant skill was provided to show to Tourist ... however after 20 years later Elephant welfare become prioritizer than the past. Therefor ElephantDreamValley had been set up at Maewang District of Chiangmai. we set to interact with Elephant in a simply way by not doing any harmful trick/controls or not any unusual fancy show.

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Address : 277 Tapae Rd.

Changklan District  Chiangmai,Thailand

Mobile : 086 6123280 English/Spanish------

What App/Operation Office : +66 918596561

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