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Dream Valley Elephant


Back Ground

DreamValley Elephant Sanctuary formed up from a Family of Local Karen tribe who has been keeping Elephant for Generations…Now a day Tourism only that Supporting the Elephant especialy after the Long time of the Pandamic>>>

Visiting Plan

...Choose the Plan that fit you or your group...

Half Day

About 3 hours total to be with your Elephant accompany the walk to Nature trail and enjoy bathing or feeding them with your own hand>>>


this Plan will add a waterfall with 20 mins hikes, and then ends the day by a bamboo Rafting along Wang river , merge your self with transquility of Nature.>>>>>


Stay a night with the villager after the Elephant session, learning the lifestyle and rich Culture of Karen hilltribe + hiking and Bamboo Rafting.

Private Plan

Tailor made plan for student or Fam trip...desight your own activities with our Local villager to fit your Goals.

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